I have had the pleasure of working with Stacy Faddoul for the past several years. Stacy knows the teleservices industry so well that she could hold a clinic. She is a consummate professional and when working on an assignment it always seems as though my account is the most important to her when I know the reality is this is simply her service expertise. She practices due diligence, does her homework, efficiently utilizes my time as a client, and consistently produces quality referrals. There is not much more a client could ask for. Phil Johnson, SVP Human Resources 



Stacy has been an executive recruiter for ICT Group for many years and several executives use her services extensively. Stacy takes the time to understand not just the qualificaitons I'm looking for but the type of person I'm looking for and, I'd say, consistently delivers the highest percentage of viewable candidates.

John Campbell

I have worked with Stacy Faddoul for the last four years. Stacy is the first person I think of when it comes to executive recruiting because she not only understands her business, but she took the initiative and went the extra mile to really understand mine. As a result, when she presents a candidate, he or she is not only superbly qualified, but a great ?culture fit? as well. If you want to minimize the time you have to spend identifying the optimal candidate for a high level opening, Stacy is definitely the person to call.

John Heltzer

"I have been using Stacy Faddoul to fill my medium and high level executive needs over the past 8 years. I find her to be both savvy and well connected in the teleservicing industry which gives her an advantage to fill my demanding needs in an ever changing environment. I will continue to use Stacy because of her unique perspective in this market place and the high level of satisfaction she delivers for me and the candidates she places in my company."

Tim Hardin

“I highly recommend Stacy if you need to find just the right candidate in the teleservices industry. Not only is she top notch at what she does, she took the time to learn my business before she recommended a someone to me. When it comes to finding the perfect person to complement our team, that has made all the difference in the world!!!!” December 17, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative
Nick Stavarz
hired Stacy as a Recruiter in 1997 , and hired Stacy more than once
Nick Stavarz

“I've worked with Stacy Faddoul and Global Executive Recruiters over the last several years. Stacy brings a unique insight on talent acquisition in the BPO and call center outsourcing space. She is able to identify and recruit top talent to meet the needs of her clients, even with challenging search initiatives. She is very client and candidate centric as exemplified by her strong communication skills, effective research, and candidate generation. She and her firm have a very customer centric approach to business, this includes a strong commitment to candidate care from initial screening through finalist selection and onboarding. I highly recommend Global Executive Recruiters.” January 12, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

George Puig
hired Stacy as a Recruiter in 2004 , and hired Stacy more than once

George Puig

I've worked with Stacy for a number of years. She has not only placed me in an executive position, but she also continues to supply me with highly skilled directors and managers. Stacy goes to great lengths to get to know both her candidates and client organizations in a meaningful way, which allows her find the right "fit" for all parties involved. I am supremely confident that she only presents me with top-notch candidates who will help drive our business. Her contributions toward building a strong and long-lasting team have been immeasurable.

Lenny Padron

I started working with Stacy Faddoul in 2000 when she was recruiting me... She helped place me in a great organization. Since that time we have used Stacy to place 25 positions in our organization, ranging from the Officer level to front line supervisors. Stacy is well connected in the industry and consistently delivers high quality candidates.

Earl Feldman

"Stacy has always taken the time to listen to exactly what we need and sends candidates who are good matches for our company. I highly recommend her services at Global Executive Recruiters, and will be relying on them in the future to help fill our executive staffing needs." .

Mary Dooner

Stacy has been wonderful to work with. She is professional, enthusiastic and highly responsive to our needs. Additionally, Stacy takes the time to research and understand our specific business requirements before selecting candidates for us to interview. I have worked with her for many years now and she has become an important and integral part of our team. I trust her judgment and regularly solicit her feedback and guidance when selecting prospective employees. We have built a solid relationship and I look forward to many more years of working together?.

Doug Bower

"Stacy Faddoul is the only recruiter I've used for over 6 plus years. She's always presented quality, top-notch candidates and has actually become a part of our team..."

Phil Luquette

I wanted to send a note to let you know how much I appreciate the team at Global Executive Solutions! I probably have a somewhat unique perspective on executive recruiting services having recently been a candidate and now being a client. I have to say that on both sides of the equation Stacy Faddoul and, her team of professionals, have done an outstanding job for me. As a candidate they helped me to get in front of the right companies, at the right level resulting in a great new position as V.P. Customer Care and a role that I love. Now, as a client I utilize Stacy's team to do my recruiting and I find they work extremely hard to pinpoint exactly what my needs are and then only send me candidates that are a great match. This saves so much time and money that it is invaluable. Global Executive Solutions is truly a best-in-class organization!

Jason Ward

" Stacy and her team bring an unequaled enthusiasm and excitement to the recruitment and placement process because the 'fast sale' is not the Global approach. Stacy and her team not only forge everlasting relationships but also become true partners in 'right fit' hiring by taking responsibility for matching qualified candidates and potential employers together. Her true strength is the ability to meet the customer's needs. That is, to identify opportunities for qualified candidates and match them into 'right fit' hiring environments. The Global team is definitely one that both candidates and human resource professionals can count on!"

Jeff Depoorter

"I feel very comfortable Stacy and her team handling our account. They are very conscientious and take the time to really listen to what I am saying. I believe that they are genuinely concerned with satisfying their clients. When I find a vendor that I feel is genuine and honest with me, I want to continue to do business with them. As far as I am concerned that's the key to a long-lasting business relationship. "

Swen Nielsen

“I have had the opportunity to connect with Stacy on a number of occasions over the last five years. Her quick insights and depth of knowledge relating to executive recruitment always provides a great alignment of interests for all parties involved. Stacy's commitment to finding the right match for companies and candidates is a cornerstone to her business and a core philosophy for her as an individual. Stacy is an exceptional partner to develop a relationship with for long term success.” September 28, 2007

Wendy R. Carroll PhD , Vice President & General Manager , Minacs
was with another company when working with Stacy at Global Executive Solutions

Wendy Carroll PhD

“Stacy helped me in placing with my current employer, must say she is actively involved in the whole process and delivered what she promised. Commitment and Dedication defines her Work style.” September 24, 2008

Raj Choudhary , Regional Director of Account Operations , BPO
was with another company when working with Stacy at Global Executive Recruiters
Raj Choudhary

"My husband and I would like to express our sincere gratitude. You have provided so many valuable ideas and we will certainly try to explore all of them. Some people are not willing to share information for fear of competition. We appreciate your unselfishness. We are also grateful and have not had a chance to let you know how much we appreciate your efforts. Again, thank you for your generosity and we wish you all the success in the world."

Amanda Malave

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