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The Recruiting Process

Global Executive Solutions works on a Contingency and Retained Search basis and we can offer you a customized search that meets your individual needs. Our services always include the following:

RECRUITING: We do all the work to market and attract the top leaders in call center management and executive leadership. We do more than just search resumes or post jobs online, we go the extra mile and proactively seek out the leaders in the call center industry who fit the profile for a specific job search.

RESUME SCREENING: All candidates are thoroughly screened and benchmarked based on the specific needs of the client. Only those candidates who match all of your requirements are considered for interview.


QUALIFICATIONS: We make sure that all candidates are qualified by thoroughly interviewing each of them based on your specific needs. Our interviews dig deep into a candidate's background, experience, competencies, knowledge base, compensation and any relocation issues to ensure our candidates are qualified for the position. Presentations via resumes plus addendums listing our impressions from interviews conducted with candidates will be submitted to our clients.

REFERENCES: Thorough reference checks are completed based on criteria set forth by our clients. We conduct in-depth reference checks at all levels to verify past employment, including past work history, compensation, span of responsibility, leadership skills, knowledge of call center technology & telephony, client relationship skills, communications skills, character, integrity and challenges. In addition to this complete process, we always include the basics like education verification.

FACILITATION: Based on our client?s process, we will organize any and all contact between the candidate and the client. We stay involved throughout the entire process; from making sure our candidates are totally prepared for the interview and understand the entire interview process to debriefing the candidate and client, ensuring we are ?hitting the mark? in referring candidates. We stay involved after a candidate has been placed to ensure their success.

The following services are available at an additional fee, should you require them:

* Extensive Background Checks * Credit History * Criminal Record * Driving Record

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